joi, 28 iulie 2016

How can software influence a business

Well... the title of this article is a bit misleading, but I did it on purpose, in fact it is the other way around - and it is about how a business can influence a software, as in fact no one builds software just for the like of it, no one builds solutions for problems that don't exist, and no one will ever build a software as a services without having an audience, or a proper market to sell it.

So, it is always a thing realated to need, offer and request - and this is how all the businesses in all the industries will have to be built in order to have chances of success. Then - there is one more thing, one more imporant than anything else, the marketing budget and efforts of a certain software solution.

For instance, a piece of software that is taking care of virtual tours creation vill need to be promoted always to people that are selling their apartments, houses, villas, or more interesting than that, to real estate companies that would find real value in this kind of software.

Another important thing related to the software creation, is to be able to properly assess your competition, to evaluate what are your strong points comparing to the competition and what are the weak points. Also, from this kind of evaluation, the pricing strategy for your software should be defined.

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